Swisstime, the reference website for watches.
Typo3 Enterprise CMS. 50,000 pages. 2 million page views / year

Open Source Content management and e-commerce Systems

A very easy to use CMS designed specifically for SME presentation websites.

An enterprise-level CMS ensuring total design freedom, security, sustainability and proper management of user right

The most used CMS in the world. Allows good management of editorial content (blogs, portals)

The most commonly used e-commerce system in Europe. Fast, simple and efficient

Recommended for complex e-commerce projects


At E-UNIT, our philosophy is to help reduce programming costs so that a larger proportion of your budget can be allocated to strategic and promotional aspects as well as maintaining your Internet presence. This approach also allows companies and associations with smaller budgets to acquire a world class website for a small outlay.

We always look for the best scripts and pre-programmed software to use in our clients websites. This applies to the simplest form submission script up to heavyweight enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS).

We are specialized in the configuration and programming of several of these CMS systems, we can guide you to the most suited to your needs and then provide all the training related to its use.

E-unit is not connected to exclusive partners and has no products created internally to monetize. This allows us to be totally free when choosing the solution best suited to your needs.

These solutions may be Open Source or commercial software. But we always select them for their value and performance.

When the best solution is to create a new application or functionality, our team has the necessary experience to develop complex web applications from scratch.

Mobiles sites and applications

We develop mobile applications using the Apache Cordova framework. This allows us to program an application once that can be deployed on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry).

We also develop mobile websites that are compatible with all Smartphone browsers on the market.